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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Children and Nature Workshop – June 27, 2007

On Mental Health: How a psychiatrist included nature in his child and adolescent practice

On Mental Health: How a psychiatrist included nature in his child and adolescent practice

By Claude Arnett, M.D.
His clients, adolescents and young adults with serious mental and addictive disorders, are often stuck in demanding and constricting time schedules, receiving valuable counseling but still "just moving from one box, their homes, to another box, an office." Dr Arnette explained. He's making an active effort to change that scenario after reading Last Child in the Woods. "The book helped me realize that they needed to get out into open, natural spaces with blue sky, wind, water, plants and animals, and these experiences needed to be as timeless as possible." [+]

OpEd – October 01, 2007

No Child Left Behind in Science

By Pergams and Zaradic
Science has lost its priority in the American school system. Pergams and Zaradic propose a national solution to our low science diet -- rewrite the No Child Left Behind Act to include “hands-on” science and experience in nature. [+]

CBN – September 03, 2007

CBN News Features No Child Left Inside report

By Mark Martin and Kim Bonney
In this report, original broadcast July 24, 2007, CBN News examines the troubling gap between kids and nature. [+]

Toronto Star - Ontario, Canada – August 11, 2007

The rise of nature-deficit disorder

By Stephen Scharper
Toronto professor Stephen Scharper writes of his sense of loss upon hearing that the waters and woods that helped shape him in his youth were no longer there to help frame and contour the lives of our children. [+]

Seattle Times – September 02, 2007

The plan: No plan at all

By Danny Westneat
Journalist Danny Westneat joins what he describes as a "quiet uprising" in America; a minirebellion against the over-programming of kids. In his quest to reclaim his family and their ties with nature he opts out of organized sports, summer camps, and elaborate vacations plans to "just hang around." [+]

The San Francisco Chronicle – August 25, 2007

Life Lessons: Daughters and butterflies spread wings

By Susan DeMersseman
Psychologist and parent educator Susan DeMersseman discusses the need for children to see their relationship to the ever-changing natural environment and to see how they can be part of it in a positive way. [+]

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