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(Cleveland) Plain Dealer – June 05, 2008

Ohio Arboretum Offers Wild Child Wonders

By Roxanne Washington

Holden Arboretum near Cleveland has created a special Wild Child Wonders program to inspire children to play in nature. The summer program, which traces its roots to Last Child in the Woods, features a series of Wonder Stations, including Forest Wonders, where kids can navigate a tree obstacle course and build a shelter with sticks, and Meadow Wonders, adventures that kids can transfer to their own backyards. [+]


Packet Online – June 04, 2008

Tree Houses Designed to Inspire Kids

Tree Houses Designed to Inspire Kids

By Ilene Dube
Pennsylvania’s Tyler Arboretum is exhibiting tree houses created by Delaware Valley artists, architects, and students in the hopes of strengthening the relationship between children and nature. According to the arboretum’s director of public programs, “Today, fewer kids have a connection to nature—they’re not getting outside for unstructured play, and they’re not experiencing nature on the soccer field—and tree houses are a way to get them excited.” [+]


Church Executive – March 01, 2008

Churches Encouraged to Connect Children with Nature

Churches Encouraged to Connect Children with Nature

By Rachel Beach
The people who run the nation’s churches are being asked to “restore the connection between today’s children and nature” in the latest issue of Church Executive magazine. In addition to creating play environments on church grounds that incorporate more natural elements like trees and even wildlife, churches should consider restoring green play spaces within their communities as part of their ministries. [+]

State | Education

(Greensboro) News & Record – August 23, 2008

North Carolina Zoo to Build Outdoor Classroom

North Carolina Zoo to Build Outdoor Classroom

By Jeri Rowe
The North Carolina Zoo will soon begin raising $2.8 million to help create a four-acre classroom for kids, complete with caves, gardens, and a stream. And in another example of North Carolinian efforts to reconnect kids with nature, every family with a child attending Greensboro Montessori School is being given a copy of Last Child in the Woods. [+]

Local | Education

Akron Beacon Journal – December 28, 2007

Last Child in the Woods Inspires Interactive Exhibit

By Dottie Shin
Inspired by the children and nature movement, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron, Ohio, has commissioned an artist to create a series of interactive outdoor sculptures for children. P.R. Miller, who uses mostly recycled materials, will build hundreds of giant flowers and other pieces for the grounds. A previous exhibit convinced the garden’s programmers that what visitors like best, more than any specific events, is the chance for their children to play outdoors. [+]


California and Nevada Fish and Wildlife Service – June 27, 2007

Clint Eastwood hosts a Children and Nature Workshop

By Scott Flaherty
Organized by California and Nevada Fish and Wildlife Service and hosted by actor and director Clint Eastwod, the event brought together key leaders from the business and developer community, as well as government regulators. In his brief remarks, Eastwood told the group, “This is an idea that’s long overdue. We probably won’t get through all the barriers and solutions today, but we can start.” [+]

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Palm Beach Daily News – March 31, 2007

Kids Decorate Green Playhouse

By David Rogers
The Garden Club of Palm Beach adds an exhibit to flower show featuring a green playhouse that celebrates nature and demonstrates environmentally friendly building principles. [+]


Wild Zones – August 01, 2007

Introducing Wild Zones

By David Hawkins
David Hawkins, founding project manager of the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, Calif., discusses the concept of Wild Zones, places where kids can build shelters, dam creeks, make trails, and perform other active outdoors tasks. Wild Zones, he says, offer open-ended possibilities for play, creativity, socializing, and solitude. [+]


The New York Times, Op-Ed – February 11, 2007

How Green Is Your Playground?

By Richard Louv
Perhaps because of my belief in the importance of playing in nature, I find the plans for the playground near South Street Seaport both intriguing and frustrating, especially if this model is advanced as a prototype for new urban play areas nationally. The proposed design replaces slides and swings and other traditional structures with sandboxes filled with blocks, ropes and pulleys, as well as wheelbarrows, crates and cardboard tubes. [+]

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