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the Atlanta Journal Constitution – April 27, 2007

Sierra Club a camp booster: Donation to aid children in military families

Sierra Club a camp booster: Donation to aid children in military families

By Gerry Smith
The Sierra Club announced it will donate more than $1 million to send military children to Operation Purple camps across the country. For one week this summer, children will kayak along the Broad River, learn the history of the Cherokee Indians and roast marshmallows with other children who know what it feels like to have a parent in the military. [+]

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Orion Online – May 01, 2007

Working to Build Bridges in Greater Cincinnati

Working to Build Bridges in Greater Cincinnati

By Betsy Townsend
Betsy Townsend of Leave No Child Inside – Greater Cincinnati describes her group’s efforts to form alliances with local organizations already involved in health and education. Thus far response to these efforts has been overwhelmingly positive.


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Small farmers cultivating tourist trade

By Nancy Cole
WHY AGRITOURISM ? “The simplest definition of agritourism is anything that brings the buyer to the property,” said Miles Phillips, who oversees nature tourism in Texas. Nature tourism includes not only agritourism but also hunting, fishing and adventure tourism. “There’s a lot of activity in the whole sector,” Phillips said, which has been spurred, in part, by Richard Louv’s 2005 book Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder. [+]

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Vancouver Free Press – September 20, 2007

A dose of nature is good for body and soul

A dose of nature is good for body and soul

By Jack Christie
British Columbia offers two unique resources for combatting nature-deficit disorder. The recently opened Brae Island that provides a safe place for family camping in an urban environment, and pediatrician Joseph Lin's Green Club, which brings a natural dose of prevention to the Asian-Canadian community.

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The Tampa Tribune – September 19, 2006

Tampa advocate asks tough questions

By Kathy Baughman McLeod
Where do Tampa's children play outside in a natural, unmanicured setting? Where can Tampa's children build a treehouse or a fort, as you did when you were a kid? In what time slot can a child lie on the grass and watch the clouds float by? [+]

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A Report from the Southwest

In New Mexico, the No Child Left Inside initiative needs support from the grass roots -- ranchers, city dwellers, school boards, tribal leaders, and parents. [PDF]

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