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Vancouver Free Press – September 20, 2007

A dose of nature is good for body and soul

A dose of nature is good for body and soul

By Jack Christie
British Columbia offers two unique resources for combatting nature-deficit disorder. The recently opened Brae Island that provides a safe place for family camping in an urban environment, and pediatrician Joseph Lin's Green Club, which brings a natural dose of prevention to the Asian-Canadian community.


Get to Know – February 01, 2007

Attention Young Writers and Painters

Wildlife artist Robert Bateman’s "Get to Know" Contest aims to encourage young Canadians to spend more time outdoors.


Canada West News Service – March 05, 2007

If kids are not going outside, who in the world is going to care about the spotted owl in 15 years?

By Katherine Dedyna
One of Eric Higgs' biggest fears is that his young son might someday get lost in a "sea of technology" rather than experience the natural world. Higgs is head of environmental studies at the University of Victoria - and he's worried something is amiss in the landscape of childhood. [+]

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