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The Ledger, New York Times Regional Media Group – October 05, 2007

A high-tech trail trek to draw kids outdoors

By Gary White
A celebration on October 6 kicked off a year-long series of hiking events. One way organizers hope to interest children - and their parents - in exploring the outdoors is through geocaching, a high-tech form of treasure hunting. Caches will be hidden along each of the hiking routes, and participants will receive "passport journals" in which to document their activities. [+]

Education | Campaign/Initiative

Cincinnati Digs Nature for Kids


Betsy Townsend, a leader in the Leave No Child Inside of Greater Cincinnati campaign, reports the campaign’s goal: to educate the public about the mental, physical and emotional health benefits of playing in nature, for all children. [+]


Chicago Tribune – June 24, 2007

Chicago Wilderness launches “Leave No Child Inside” program

Chicago Wilderness launches “Leave No Child Inside” program

By Heidi Stevens
Plant your kids outside and watch 'em grow; Chicago Wilderness has just launched a "Leave No Child Inside" program to connect children with the outdoors and teach them to love and protect nature. Pruett-Jones, executive director of Chicago Wilderness, makes a compelling argument for why we need to get our kids outside more. [+]

Built Environment | Education

Palm Beach Daily News – March 31, 2007

Kids Decorate Green Playhouse

By David Rogers
The Garden Club of Palm Beach adds an exhibit to flower show featuring a green playhouse that celebrates nature and demonstrates environmentally friendly building principles. [+]


Seattle Post-Intelligencer – April 16, 2007

“A Magical Place for Kids”

By Jessica Blanchard
Staff at IslandWood, a non-profit environmental education center, have discovered a simple way to make their lessons more relevant to students and get them excited about learning: Move the classroom outside. [+]

Education | Event

BioBlitz in the Capital

Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. will be the site of BioBlitz 2007, May 18-19, a 24-hour event in which teams of scientists, volunteers, and community members try to identify as many local species as possible.

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