- October 11, 2007

The (C&NN) was created to encourage and support the people and organizations working to reconnect children with nature. C&NN provides access to the latest news and research in the field and a peer-to-peer network of researchers and individuals, educators and organizations dedicated to children's health and well-being.

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Design for Children IN Nature 2007

Natural Learning Initiative The Natural Learning Initiative, a unit of North Carolina State University, College of Design, has published the proceedings of the 2007 "Design for Children IN Nature" conference. This year, the Design Institute was hosted by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia, from August 9-11. For two and a half days, participants learned: • Why is community design for children and families important? • What can be done through design to address the lack of contact with nature? • How can outdoor environments for children and families be better designed? Visit the Design Institute website, to view highly relevant speaker presentations on a wide range of topics relating to the children and nature movement.e A Child Outside website for resources and information on how your organization can get involved. [Photo © Juan Pons]


Sustainable spirit: REI chief says the challenge is to connect people with nature

Sustainable spirit: REI chief says the challenge is to connect people with nature

Acording to Sally Jewell, REI's president and chief executive officer, if REI is going to bill itself as a company that brings people and nature together, it's got to do something other than just sell things. “As a society, we need a way to bridge the disconnect between people and nature, between children and nature,” she said. [+]

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American Public Health Association features a front page article on the movement

American Public Health Association features a front page article on the movement

The October Issue of The Nation’s Health, The official newspaper of the American Public Health Association, features a front page article on the children and nature movement and the intersection between healthy people and a healthy environment. [PDF]


Movement Update from Richard Louv and the

In the past year we have seen the growth of countless new private and public programs aimed at reconnecting children and nature — and the bolstering of many existing ones. The idea of a national children and nature movement has become a reality.


C&NN is working side-by-side with regional leaders to develop a clear and simple roadmap to enable local organizers, regional institutions and individuals to take action at every level. Simultaneously, a national peer-to-peer network is growing, and the media is keeping the issue in the public eye by devoting front-page coverage to evolving campaigns, legislative hearings, forums and events. Together, we are confronting the growing gap between children and nature in the United States and elsewhere.

To date, we have identified over thirty cities or states that have either launched or are assembling campaigns to connect children with nature. Looking forward we see increasing opportunities for changes in public policy, increased financial support and public awareness, and the emergence of successful models for community action.

— The Board of Directors