NWF Launches "Green Hour" Web site The National Wildlife Federation has created a Web site to inspire parents and children alike. The premise is simple: every child should spend at least an hour a day playing outside.
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Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights Supported by Governator
This past week (Friday, July 6), Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a proclamation supporting the California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights which includes ten easy and fun things that every child should have the opportunity to experience between the ages of four and 14, including to: discover California's past, splash in the water, play in a safe place, camp under the stars, explore nature, learn to swim, play on a team, follow a trail, catch a fish and celebrate their heritage.
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The Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights
Conceived by the California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism (CRRPT); an ad hoc group of public and private organizations from federal, state and local levels; the California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights encourages California kids to get outdoors, to play outside and discover their world. CRRPT Chair, Nina Gordon, says "every child should have the opportunity to experience each of the items in the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights before they reach the age of 14
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Sierra Club Trains Natural Leaders
Building Bridges to the Outdoors will be holding its second year of weeklong Environmental Leadership trainings this week in conjunction with the Sierra Student Coalition (SSC). The leadership training program introduces, inspires and educates youth, especially under-represented minorities, about the significant and contemporary environmental issues facing their local communities.
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"Lost in the Great Indoors" the Washington Post's front page report on today's children
Giving the children and nature movement front page coverage, the Washington Post reported on parents, advocacy groups, and the launch of a 20 million dollar campaign to fund initiatives to reconnect children and nature.
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The Conservation Fund Launches The National Forum On Children And Nature
Over 30 of the nation’s most influential public and private leaders—including governors, mayors, CEOs, educators, and clergy—will participate in the launch this week of an ambitious effort to reconnect kids with nature. This new initiative, the National Forum on Children and Nature, will find and fund 20 projects across the country that demonstrate how kids can rediscover nature, through education, health, the media and the built environment.
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An Earth Day Victory for Children & Nature
Seattle, Washington, April 22nd, 2007

April 21st, John Muir’s birthday, Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire signed HB 1677 into law. Known as the state’s “Leave No Child Inside Initiative,” the legislation will allocate $1.5 million a year to outdoor programs working with underserved children.

Governor Appoints Nature Task Force
Gov. Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania has appointed a task force to explore ways of helping people connect with nature.
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‘Leave No Child’ Legislation Gains Momentum
Three new bills are engaging decision makers in the growing “Leave No Child Inside” movement.
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Leave No N.M. Child Inside
The New Mexico Outdoor Classroom Initiative— the first of its kind in the nation.
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At-Risk Youths Might Get Back to Nature
If a proposal becomes law, California State Parks would create a new program to connect at-risk urban youths with nature.
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Padilla Legislation Advocates Leaving No Child Inside
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Outdoors Proclamation Awaits President's OK
A coalition of preservation and recreation groups recently asked President Bush, and the governors of all 50 states, to declare June Great Outdoors Month 2007.
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Get Your Green Hour in GA
GreenFest 2007, a community-wide celebration of the environment based in Athens-Clark Country, Georgia, challenged local children to spend at least an hour a day outside, five times a week. Groups encouraged to plan events related to the theme, Get Your Green Hour, find there’s no shortage of things to do outdoors.
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Design for Children in Nature
Register now for the 5th Annual Childhood Outdoors Design Institute, August 9-11. Speakers will include Martin Maudsley from Wild About Play.
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Attention Young Writers and Painters
Wildlife artist Robert Bateman’s "Get to Know" Contest aims to encourage young Canadians to spend more time outdoors.
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Talk of Nature Education Draws Crowd in Seattle
More than 100 people filled a local REI meeting room to hear seven panelists describe their approaches to provide meaningful experiences for young people in nature.
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Conference Broadens Agenda to Help Connect Kids with Nature. The Pennsylvania Governor's Outdoor Conference, March 18-20, gathered policy-makers, educators, conservationists, and others to explore ways of connecting future generations with the outdoors.
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“A Magical Place for Kids”
IslandWood, a nonprofit environmental education center near Seattle, offers disadvantaged urban youth and others a chance to learn about nature firsthand. Each week more than 100 students, teachers, and parents take part in its School Overnight Program.
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The New Outdoor Education
Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Preschool in Bayside, Wisconsin, and the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall are helping people of all ages connect with nature.
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NWF Launches "Green Hour" Web site
The National Wildlife Federation has created a Web site to inspire parents and children alike. The premise is simple: every child should spend at least an hour a day playing outside.
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Shrek Tells Kids to Go Outside
"Be a Player: Get Up and Play an Hour a Day," a public-awareness campaign featuring Shrek and other animated characters.
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A Texas-Size Classroom, Literally
Several San Antonio schools now include visits to parks and overnight camping trips in their curricula.
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The Wait Is Worth It, Parents Say
Parents started lining up the night before to enroll their children in Seattle’s Nature Kids Preschool at Discovery Park.
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Amish Work More, Weigh Less
Researchers studied members of an Amish community in Ontario to see what effects more physically demanding work has on our health.
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Recent Studies Support Active Living
A special issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion collects more than a dozen articles on the subject, including one by Dutch researchers that recommends remodeling neighborhoods to increase activity in young people.
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A fed-up soccer mom calls for time out
by Steve Weinberg, SF Chronicle
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Revolution in the Bleachers; How Parents Can Take Back Family Life in a World Gone Crazy Over Youth Sports
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CanWest News Service - Monday, March 05, 2007
Natural concerns: 'If kids are not going outside, who in the world is going to care about the spotted owl in 15 years?' By Katherine Dedyna
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Portland Press Herald - Sunday, March 11, 2007
There's more than one way to encourage nature-based learning. By Deirdre Fleming
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Settle PI - Thursday, March 15, 2007
Programs show that being outside can be 'more fun than most video games' and TV By Fiona Cohen
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